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Good evening. I’m Fuya Ohashi, the owner of Professore Rambaldi Shizuoka.

Today I would like to introduce you how to fold a pocket square in an elegant style, with Spacca Neapolis Ties’ pocket square, one of my favorite accessories of my shop.

Now I am telling you my way of wearing a pocket square, but I would say that this is also popular in Naples. If you like the appearance, you will never be bored of trying it.

Maybe you can prepare your favorite pocket square and jacket as you read this.

Spacca Neapolis Ties pocket chief for Naples lovers

Now first of all, let me introduce this beautiful pocket square that I am using in this article.

These pocket squares are from Spacca Neapolis Ties, the brand that most particularly talked among well-dressed men in the world. Nicola Radano, the owner of this brand is also the most attractive fashion blogger right now.

I suppose Spacca Neapolis Ties is already familiar to you all. Ties from Spacca Neapolis are in vintage motifs, but with a good sense of color (I would say that they are more comfortable and easier to wear today), and they reallize the finest knot based on  the real craftsmanship and the handwork of Neapolitan tradition.

Spacca Neapolis Ties’ pocket square has lovely motifs of Neapolitan paintings or prints.

For example, the pocket square that I am using now has a print of an old map in southern Italy. Since we had previously sold it in our online store, some people would remember this beautiful one.

There are also one with the motif of “Castel dell’ovo”, a famous castle in Naples and one with a painting of Portici, a small city near Napoli, where Nicola Radano lives. Perhaps he knows how to tickle and make Naples lovers happy, very well.

How to Wear a Pocket Square in Napolitan Way

Luigi Grimaldi jacket matched with Spacca Neapolis Ties’ pocket square

As you can see on Instagram or magazines, sometimes well-dressed men in Naples wear pocket squares in a very outstanding way.

For instance, let’s see the style of Luca Rubinacci from London House. When he appears in a video as smiling and saying “Hello Everyone !!,” in his breast pocket is dressed very gorgeously  with his pocket square with a motif of  Japanese Samurai.

Anyway, in the picture above I also do it in such a way.

This style looks like something halfhearted, but it can never be realized without some tips.

Now, after a very long introduction, let me tell you the method.

First prepare a pocket chief.

This time I have decided to hide my wonderful map in breast pocket.

1. Pinch the pocket square.

Any tips for this?

Of course there is. Do it like when you are picking up a handkerchief with the smell of Chanel’s perfume, that SOME women forgot in your room.

…Okay, let me tell you some more useful tip for serious people those may account for 10% of this blog reader.

With this pocket squares, please pinch the 15 km south and 10 km west of the Sant’Angelo Castle in Taranto, Puglia in Italy. If you are trying other pocket squares, I recommend you to pinch somewhere called “center.”

2. Squeeze it.

For convenience I am holding the pocket square in my left hand, but you can hold it in the other hand of the one you have pinched it. Now make it narrow as you squeeze it. This is just like when you create a puffed style.

Also the opposite side will be a crashed style.

Like the front and back of a coin, crashed and puffed are always made at once in a pocket square.

3. Twist it.

Well it is to twist, that the important thing when folding a pocket square in this style.

Not only in this style, but also when you fold a pocket square in crashed, you may never forget to twist it. If you do not twist it at this moment, the tips of the pocket square can be scattered too much. By twisting it, it will be more elegant crash (!) and obviously well-dressed men like it so.

Of course it depends your taste, but for me I like twisting because I like the crash gathering in a same direction.

Also remind that the result of this long journey of folding a cloth will be decided by this twist. You can put a chair in front of a mirror and stay there for a couple of hours, trying to find your favorite twist… and that experience would never be something completely useless.

4. Fold it and put it in the pocket.

So actually we are in the last part of folding a pocket square.

Pinch, squeeze then twist, and now fold the square on the half. Hold the puff on the left side, with the crush on the right side, and gently slide it into your pocket.

At this time, be sure that you insert it into a certain depth of the pocket, otherwise it will become too much outstanding and it would look like an explosion on your breast.

5. Complete it as you like.

Now, are going well with it?

In my case, after putting a pocket square in a pocket, I pull some crashed part of it, while softly twisting them to the right, in order to make it look halfhearted.

Seriously, if the crashed part is standing too much, they would think that you have been in a party. So when you wear it casually, I think this way is more natural.

I would add however, that this also depends on your preference.

OMG how to put a pocket square to this?!

Now I have introduced you one of the best way of wearing a pocket square in Neapolitan style. However sometimes we have a problem.

Because certain jackets have very difficult breast pocket, covered almost all with lapel so you may be able to show your pocket square only one or two cm.

You can see it in the picture above, on the jacket from Sartoria Carraciollo.

So in my case, I fold a pocket square in 3 folds so that it appears well from the right side of the pocket. Incidentally, even in the case of making 3 folds, it is a tip to get a relaxed atmosphere, twisting it slightly as I explained before.

After putting it into a pocket in the 3 folds style, I often slide and pull it a bit roughly. In that way you can make it stand out more, and the pocket will be much more elegant.

In case you wear a pocket square with such types of jackets, it is not the answer that putting a pocket square in puffed or crashed style. 3 folds and TV folds would be very comfortable instead.

However it is the most important thing, that you find out your favorite way of wearing pocket square.


This article is by FUYA OHASHI.
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