🇬🇧Sartoria Caracciolo Napoli – The Classic Elegance for 20 Years

Hi welldressers, I’m Fuya Ohashi the owner of Professore Rambaldi Shizuoka.

Today I would like to introduce Sartoria Caracciolo, a tailor from Naples which has landed in Japan for the first time. I am very honored to be the only and first shop in Japan, that collaborates with this great tailor.

Sartoria Caracciolo, although it is still relatively new tailor in Naples, so they have a long career of producing a lot of hand made suits of high quality.

I am afraid I can not write the name here, but they have been created ready-made clothes for very famous  Sartoria in Napoles and so maybe there are a lot of people wearing hand made suits from Sartoria Caracciolo.

Why can not I write a name? I am constantly being targeted by a dangerous pursuer because of this ridiculous and exposing blog, and finally it has reached the exact point that I changed the front window glass of my Maserati Quattroporte to the bulletproof one.

Now get rid of this terrible jokes and let me introduce Sartoria Caracciolo and let you know more about this beautiful jacket.

Classic elegance that can be worn for 20 years

Unfortunately this Sartoria is not at the forefront of trend and fashion as you can see in Pitti Uomo, and it will not be the most famous brand all around the world. However the welldressers who love elegant and classic clothes, and the gentlemen who want to keep distance from the waves of trends, will eventually arrive at this Sartoria one after another.

Yes, the greatest thing about Sartoria Caracciolo is in this classic style.

Even though their style is based on the famous unconstructured tailoring which is the mainstream of Sartoria Napoletana today, Sartoria Caracciolo makes distinction from others. The style is obviously keeping away from the strong Neapolitan taste that recently striking the world of bespoke.

Around the light and comfortable shoulder, look at the sleeve elegantly attached on the way called “Manica a Camicia.” The back style is depicting natural curves along the back line of the body.

Also never forget about Neapolitan style high gorge, and beautiful lapel roll. At any one point, I feel that this jacket is well-balanced and has classical beauty.

This classic style of Sartoria Caracciolo will never be uncomfortable even if you wear it after 20 years.

The unique beauty of Sartoria Caracciolo

In particular, the unique quality of Sartoria Caracciolo is hidden in its whole balance.

A jacket is a comprehensive art that is made up of several lines, dots, parallel, vertical and curves.

It is very important that not only a single part of a jacket is beautiful, but also everything on it is well-balanced and totally arranged in a good way.

Sartoria Caracciolo on the left.

At this point of view, Sartoria Caracciolo is one of the best in those new tailors in Naples.

The word “great ordinary” could be used for this jacket. You must know that considerable total balance is necessary to make you feel “normal,” and Sartoria Caracciolo realizes it. However, since the curve of the lapel and the front cut is slightly rounded when compared with other Neapolitan jackets, you may feel some classical taste in this jacket.

This curve ….. do not you think that it looks like an elegant curve of antique furniture from Louis XV era, what we call cabriole legs?

I have expressed Sartoria Caracciolo as an orthodox and classic style, but classic is never a personality deceased.

Also those part that done by hand-sewing such as buttonholes or stitchworks are finished so beautiful that you can see at a glance that there is a real craftsmanship. If you express this craftsmanship in word, the word should be “professional.”

It is a work that you can feel the sense of responsibility and their pride as a tailor, from its single stitch.

At Professore Shizuoka, you can experience the professional work of Sartoria Caracciolo for the first time in Japan. Although it is Made-to-Measure, the suits and jackets are made in the same way of bespoke. Thus you are able to have the real bespoke experience…

And I swear that Sartoria Caracciolo, their works will be eternally elegant in your wardrobe even after 20 years.


This article is by FUYA OHASHI.
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